MY OASIS™ Streamlines a Unique Approach For Dry Eye Clinics

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MY OASIS™ Streamlines a Unique Approach For Dry Eye Clinics



A Personalized, Community-Building Resource Center, and Storefront by OASIS Medical Inc. for US based Eye Care Providers

GLENDORA – OASIS® Medical Inc., manufacturer and distributor of SOFT PLUG® brand of punctal plugs and Oasis TEARS® Preservative-Free Lubricating Eye Drops is formally launching its new patented cyber platform MY OASIS™ at SECO International 2021, booth #722.

MY OASIS™ is a cyber platform for eye care providers to build their brand as a dry eye resource, expand the reach of their practice, and give access to solutions that can better the quality of life for dry eye suffers in their local community. Its clean and intuitive design makes for a user-friendly experience. Eye care providers can gain insights of their practice’s monthly flow of over-the-counter (OTC) solutions and their compounding community expansion with a click.

“This new patented platform, My OASIS, is branded to each practice to support a personalized consumer experience. It gives access to OASIS solutions for convenience and is the foundation of more to come to support practice expansion and reduce drop off of recommended care and compliance.” Craig Delgado, President of OASIS® Medical Inc.

OASIS® Medical Inc. has offered its OTC dry eye and vision care solutions through a practice-only based business model for 15 years. The new patented MY OASIS™ platform expands this business model for eye care providers by implementing a balanced approach for continuity of care that extends beyond their practice to at-home-care. This is part of broader strategy from OASIS® to support practice sustainability, maintain compliance, retain patient satisfaction, and offer automated delivery of OTC dry eye and vision care solutions to their community of dry eye sufferers.

MY OASIS™ and the implementation team provide each practice the tools to build their own community and offer them MY OASIS™ as a resource center for communication, basic dry eye knowledge, and solution fulfillment services.

Currently, MY OASIS™ has the following solutions available for practices’ communities: Oasis TEARS® line preservative-free lubricating eye drops, Oasis TEARS HYPOCHLOROUS® eye lid and lash antimicrobial solution, Oasis REST & RELIEF® Hot & Cold eye mask, Oasis TEARS VISION™ patent-pending dietary supplement and Oasis TEARS OMEGA™3 with 3000mg of DHA and EPA.

MY OASIS™ setup is simple. The platform is available for IOS in the App store, Android on Google Play, and web through a requested link. Interested eye care providers can inquire through

To learn more about how OASIS® can serve your practice’s dry eye efforts and education, contact them through, or call (844) 820-8940.

OASIS® Medical Inc., offers its solutions through the following site:

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